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The Tempest

Directed by Andy Millard
September 23-26, 2021. 7 PM
Rogers Park, Tryon, NC

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on"

The classic play of adventure, magic, revenge and romance is presented on a beautiful outdoor stage.


Don't miss one of William Shakespeare's classic plays-The Tempest, presented by Shakespeare & Friends in Tryon's beautiful Rogers Park.

Prospero, a magician and Duke of Milan, has spent the last twelve years marooned on an island with his daughter Miranda, the magical sprite Ariel, and the beastly savage Caliban. When the perpetrators of this injustice happen by on a ship, Prospero raises a storm that casts them all ashore and changes their fates forever.

This thrilling, outdoor rendition will run 75 minutes and is suitable for all ages.

COVID-19 precautions, including social distancing will be in place. The cast and crew of The Tempest are fully vaccinated.


Ship Master- Christine O'Connor

Boatswain- Marty Bernstein

Prospero- Donald Beck

Miranda- Sarah Hubbard

Ariel- Hillary Fleming

Caliban- Dave LaPage

Alonso- Jess Holderbaum

Ferdinand- Hugo Gutierrez

Sebastian- Tod Leaven

Antonia- Marianne Carruth

Gonzala- Darlene Cah

Adriana- Christine O'Connor

Francisco- Marty Bernstein

Trinculo- Travis Newman

Stephano- Andy Booth

Spirits- Lauren Bergrud, Gab Towne, Ella Leaven


Andy Millard- Director

Michelle Newman- Co-Producer, Stage Manager

Catherine Gillet- Co-Producer, Stage Manager

Lindsey Moore- Set Designer

Pam Solberg, Jim Solberg- Stage & Props Designer

Pam Solberg, Suzy Grow- Costume Designer


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